Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This One's For You Mare!!

It has been forever since I last posted. Mare texted me and asked me to PLEASE update my blog so she can see what we have been up to. So this ones for you Mare!! {I think our laptop is kinda on it's last leg so the blogger website isn't working so well for me right now so excuse the post please!}
Nadya is now 6 months old. She's part of the reason its been so long since I last posted. If she is not getting into my plants then she's getting into something! It's been so hard to keep up with her and it's only going to get harder!
She now has 2 teeth! She say's, "mmm.. mm.. mamma.." and, "ba.. ba.. ba.." and, "pa.. pa.. pa.." She climbs all over me constantly. New this week she has been pulling herself up to standing! She's NUTS!! We did buy her a Jumperoo! She LOVE'S it!


The weather here in Kentucky has been crazy! First I want to say that our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost their homes and loved ones in the tornado's on March 2nd. We were so very blessed that day. We had a few warnings but nothing touched down in our town. We did however get the largest hail I've ever seen..


We have had a early spring here in the great "Ohio Valley"! Bernheim {one of our favorite places to go} was all in bloom it was gorgeous! We grabbed one of our friends and had her take some family pictures of us! Here's our favorite one!


We also went on a trip to Gatlinburg Tenesse! It was so nice to get away and see a new place! The Smokey Mountains are beatiful! We got a super great deal on a cabin rental and stayed 3 nights. Here is the break down of our get away..

Day 1: 4 1/2 hour dive {except we had nadya so it became a 5 1/2 hour dirve} Not too bad! we got settled in, found dinner, and soaked in the hot tub. {Rhett got a really cool picture of our cabin on his phone once he sends it to me i'll post it}


The bottle is empty, We had bought old fashioned peach soda.. YUMM!


Nadya and I loving the view of the Smokeys from the hot tub!

Day 2: Shopping for cowboy boots and the Dixie Stampede dinner show.{Sorry no pictures of shopping for boots}


We took Nadya to see the horse's before they performed in the show





Like I said above the Dixie Stampede is a dinner show.. you can kinda see in the above pictures it's kinda a rodeo indoors.. They split the audience into North and South sides and thru out the show you cheer for the competitor on you side. {We were for the South} They give you so much food but the catch is you must eat it all with your hands. {This was a bit interesting with a 6 month old!} It was so much fun! I highly recomend seeing this show if you ever get the chance!

Day 3: Went to to church.. We went to a ward that had combined an english speaking branch and a spanish speaking branch to make a ward. We met such nice people there!

We also went on a drive into the National Park Forest area. We went on a few small hikes..









It is SO beautiful there! Every where you hike there are streams and they are amaizing! The moss that grew on the rocks is such a bright green, we loved it! Nadya LOVED hicking around on pappa's back!

Day 4: we packed up our stuff, cleaned the cabin, went to breakfast, then went on a longer hike up to Rainbow falls. It was about a 5 1/2 mile hike full of wonderful views and running streams.








I'm not exactly sure which one was rainbow falls.. there were 2 different ones as you can see but both so pretty!

We LOVE Tennesse, the people are so nice and down to earth, it beautiful, and there is so much to do! We would LOVE to buy a cabin in Gatlinburg someday.. {Hey! We can dream!!}

This was our adventure! Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines!


Happy Valentines!

I know its been quite some time since I last posted.
Where has the last month gone!!??
Here is a quick update on what we have done..

Before the end of the year Rhett challenged his team at work to break a company record.
The record for induction was 35,000 units during an 8 hour period.
If they inducted 40,000 units in the 8 hour period Rhett agreed to shave a Mohawk.
(Rhett didn't really think this would happen.)
Well about a month later his team not only broke the record they shattered it!
This was the result ...


Yes this was taken at Rhett's work. Rhett is on the left and the man on the right is Rhett's boss! Somehow he got drug into the deal as well!
Nadya and I got to go watch!


Nadya was unsure who the man was holding her at first!
Rhett kept the Mohawk for a week as the deal was, then he shaved it bald.
I must admit I became quite fond of the Mohawk as strange as it sounds!

Nadya has been so fun. She's changed so much.
it's beginning to be difficult to keep up with her!
She hasn't been napping for the last month and a half.
Since Napping is a thing of the past she demands all attention be on her all hours of the day!
She's been holding her own bottle for months now,
she also rolls all over the living room floor
getting into my plants and at times my freshly folded clothes!


Nadya has been working on sitting up in her Bumbo.
She's getting lots better at sitting up with out it.
She can sit up on her own for a few min before tilting over!


Nadya has also been attempting to crawl.
She gets up on her knee's and elbows and begins to rock back and forth.
She builds up enough momentum just in time to fall in exhaustion.
On Monday night she was determined to get to her jammies on the other side of our bed. She began to rock back and forth and when you thought she just might fall she... well why don't you watch the video! :)

It breaks my heart!
Part of me really wants to go find Neverland, the other part is so excited to so her change and grow!
As you can tell no one is as big a cheerleader as her Daddy! I cry first then I cheer at the new developments! I assume this is pretty normal for first time moms! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas!
I love celebrating Christ's birth!
I love being with my family!
I love the happy bright looks on peoples face's when they open gifts!
I love watching Nadya tear wrapping paper!
I love tearing wrapping paper!
I love Rhett reading Christ's birth from the Bible!

Here are some pictures of our Very Merry Christmas! Some didn't turn out as well as we hoped, but we love them all still the same!


Nadya and her stocking!


Daddy helping her get into it!


Nadya and her Teddy Henry!

Christmas '11

Nadya and her Russian hat!
(I know the pictures are blurry but she kept moving, but she's smiling!!)


Nadya and her Boise State jersey from Grandma Krista!



Proud daddy.. need we say more!?


Nadya and her darling Christmas dress!



This year we were a little naughty...


but mostly nice!


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from our family to yours!


Anther cute picture of Nadya just in case you didn't get enough! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I'v Been Working On

I know in previous posts I had mentioned that I have a goal of selling some of my crochet crafts. Since having Nadya that kinda went on hold for a bit. I have been trying to crochet as much as I can as she naps {which hasn't been much lately}.

I'm posting some pictures of a few things that I've come up with. What you'll be looking at are some baby booties I've made!








I know most of these pictures are girls shoes but the boots can go girl or boy. I do have little boy booties I just haven't taken pictures yet.. The boots are my personal favorite for this time of year. It keeps my Nadya's feet nice and warm. I make everything with the best yarn I can find. I'm very picky, especially when it comes to things that will touch my baby's skin, so I make sure to use the softest yarn around.

I'm in the process of creating an Etsy account. Once I'm finished you'll have to come check out the rest of what I have created! {I'll keep you posted!}

I of coarse cannot do a post with out mentioning my little PeeWee!
She's so much fun! I was never much of a baby person, but I so completely enjoy this stage with my baby girl!
My Nadya is so smart, she learns so much every day! She "talks" to us every day! {I say "talk" but its more COOOO!} For some reason she really loves listening and watching me say "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!! Her eyes light up then she focuses on my mouth and she smiles and tries so hard to "OOO" back at me.

She started sleeping thru the night starting last week.. but she's forgotten naps during the day so that makes things fun! hee hee!

I LOVE this girl!